Do women need feminism and is it a positive movement for gender equality?

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Since the years involving growing movement of women’s rights campaigns we have seen many changes in legislation towards gender. What I hope to explore is whether or not feminism as we know it has gone as far as it can, or whether it can  impact positively in today’s world.

This debate between a white feminist and a  muslim female poses important arguments for which opinions can be made on the matter:

Some may argue that nationality or ethnic background should not be relevant in discussing feminism, but how can it not be if every individual’s life experience is subjective? Should I be allowed to call myself a ‘feminist’, being a white middle class female who has never experienced true marginalisation? I’m starting to question this constantly.

Surely if a female chooses to marry or have a child, then she is not dominated by her gender role and it has been given as an option to her. This is where I believe that some forms of feminism contradict themselves. Does the notion of feminism discriminate against men AND are we therefore marginalising ourselves moreso by following this ideology?

For me, feminism is about choice, and I am starting to question whether I should be proud to label myself with this term or not. I don’t believe that men and women should have the same interests, but should be given the choice to.

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In this clip we hear of the term ‘post-structuralist’ which identifies with accepting the challenges men face as well as women. This falls into the GAD category of exploring both gender’s issues in our world and tackling the gender roles we are sometimes given.

Do you believe that feminism has a place in today’s equality in gender promotion?