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The concept of family and the power struggles between men and women ran through my childhood . Through this I have always been interested in gender and watching the ways in which the different genders behave throughout life and the roles they take. I would like to explore the different types of feminism and gather varied opinions and criticisms of my posts. I grew up in a single parent family watching my mother do everything a man was supposed to be able to do and more.¬† My opinions have seen a change as I am in a happy relationship with a man and feel equality has it’s own place between us.

I want to look at different types of feminism and discover what the ‘F’ word really means to today’s society. I will be discussing¬†what the notion means, in terms of progress and lack of for world development.

I am a second year at the University of Portsmouth studying International Development, Spanish, and Mandarin , viewing issues mainly with an anthropological and sociological perspective. I have some experience in the field of development, mainly in the educational sector working for NGOs and charities.